“An ideal way to expand your network and test your skills”

The Air Liquide Leading Excellence (ALLEX) programme
Behind the scenes
3 December 2018

Rejdi Balluku (29) is employed as a real-time engineer at the Air Liquide Operations Control Center (OCC) in Brussels. In addition, he has already worked in the European strategy department in Frankfurt as part of the ALLEX project. His second ALLEX mission will soon take him to Paris, where he will analyse the industrial management systems used in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

ALLEX stands for Air Liquide Leading Excellence, a programme that enables young graduates with a Master’s Degree to work in various European entities of the group. Among other things, the programme helps them find out which career opportunities are best suited to their capabilities, ambitions and wishes.

The Board of European Students of Technology

At the age of 11, Rejdi moved from Albania to Belgium with his parents and brother. He subsequently obtained his Master’s Degree in civil engineering from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. “I got to know Air Liquide during a case study competition organised by BEST (Board of European Students of Technology). We made a good impression on the people of Air Liquide and were invited to do an internship.”

“What attracted me to Air Liquide back then was the international character of the company, the wide range of business activities and the entrepreneurial spirit that prevails. My internship at Air Liquide was an extremely instructive and pleasant experience. Over time my vision of Air Liquide gradually evolved from a company I hardly knew into the company where I wanted to develop my career.”

Real-Time Engineer at the OCC

The OCC takes care of the coordination and management of the 2,800 km long Air Liquide pipeline network. The aim is to deploy the network in such a way as to minimise the costs for industrial customers and enable a rapid response to fluctuations in demand and production.
“Throughout my internship and then at the OCC, I was well supported by Air Liquide. Even so it was a bit of shock when I was quickly given important responsibilities within the OCC. The financial interests at stake were considerable. But thanks to the right training and some appropriate supervision, I’ve managed to bring each and every one of my assignments to a successful conclusion.”


With ALLEX from Frankfurt to Paris

“When my internship period was over, I applied for the ALLEX programme. It is an ideal way to get to know the international locations of the company, but also to expand your personal network and test your skills.”
“My ALLEX term is still running, but in the meantime I’ve already decided that I want to stay with Air Liquide. The reasons? First of all, there are plenty of possibilities for growth and rotation. If you have the necessary skills and want to move up the ladder, you’ll have every opportunity to do so. The pay is also competitive, and last but not least, I have enjoyable colleagues and there’s an excellent team spirit here. I didn’t expect any long-term friendships to develop in a work situation, but that is exactly what happened.”

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