“The ALLEX programme gives your career a hefty boost”

The Air Liquide Leading Excellence (ALLEX) programme
Behind the scenes
7 January 2020

Terry Sudre (28) is a project manager in Air Liquide’s Large Industries department. He is part of a team carrying out industrial projects focusing on efficiency, reliability and automation. As part of the ALLEX programme, he has already been working in Germany and he is due to leave for a new mission in Russia next year.

ALLEX is an acronym for Air Liquide Leading Excellence, a programme offering young graduates with Master’s degrees the opportunity to work in the group’s various European entities. Among other advantages, the programme helps participants to gain a clearer understanding of the career opportunities best suited to their personal capabilities and aspirations.


Terry grew up in Paris and obtained a double engineering degree at the École Spéciale de Mécanique et d’Electricité in Paris and Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. He went on to study business management at King’s College in London, and completed an internship at Groupe ADP - the company operating the major Paris airports - where he worked in the IT department on digital transformation. Then, Air Liquide appeared on his radar.

“I have always had a big interest in energy and technology, so it’s only logical that Air Liquide attracted my attention,” Terry recalls. “I also wanted to be part of a company active in various industries worldwide and where there’d be plenty of room for innovation and new ideas. Air Liquide fits the description exactly and so, after I completed my studies, I immediately started working there.”

An internship in the Paris area was followed by a job with Air Liquide in Belgium: “I’m working as a project manager in a team of 15 and I’m mainly involved in automation projects for Air Liquide’s Antwerp site.”

With ALLEX to Germany & Russia

“I signed up for ALLEX because I wanted to work in different countries, and because I see the programme as a way to grow within the company. I’ve already had one ALLEX mission - in Düsseldorf, Germany - where I worked in the Business Control department to create models for the visualisation of financial data.” Next year, Russia - Moscow - will be on the agenda. I’m really rather excited about it, because it’s a fascinating and vast country and because I get the opportunity to contribute to Air Liquide’s growth in Russia. I’ll be put to work in the sales team of the Large Industries department, where I’ll be supporting new project development.”

“I really like the ALLEX programme. It gives your career a hefty boost and helps you expand your network.”

And after ALLEX?

“The future looks very promising at Air Liquide. One reason for this is that the company is in a strong position in new energy technologies such as hydrogen, biogas and CO2 capture.”