“It’s an invaluable basis for any future managerial role that could come along”

The Air Liquide Leading EXcellence program leaves its mark
Behind the scenes
21 January 2019

The Air Liquide Leading EXcellence (ALLEX) program promises participants that they will become a part of a network of talented and international driven professionals. The program is an opportunity to work in different countries, and gain experience in different parts of the business. Not only does it benefit the business, but it helps to equip young graduates to progress within the company.

Now a Business Analyst for the Entrepreneur & Professionals Market Unit at Air Liquide UK after previously working as a Project Associate, David Amoah is a strong advocate for the ALLEX graduate program, bordering on the evangelistic:
“The biggest thing for me working within the ALLEX program is that you’re challenged to look at things through a different lens. You glean best practices from the business where you are placed, and adapt and implement them to your next role.”

Take the initiative and engage

“I learned how to take responsibility, take the initiative, and engage with others to drive things forward. If you come up with a good idea, it is important to have the confidence to communicate it. And within Air Liquide you’re listened to, and you win the attention of colleagues who are in a position to help you move the idea forward,” he enthuses.
“Ultimately you create value for the company and, more importantly, for customers both within and outside the organization.”
David Amoah’s first ALLEX mission was in Dusseldorf, Germany where he was plunged into the world of pipelined gases, and initiated into the mysteries of billing systems. Later, in his Viennese experience it was all about key metrics of activities to achieving strategic objectives.
Operational excellence and innovation
“In Vienna, I gained better awareness of the commercial side of the business, the importance of customer relations, and the metrics to measure interactions with customers, operational excellence and innovation, and how these contribute to business performance. I achieved this insight through understanding and building a Balanced Scorecard,” he explains.
With its roots dating back to 1980s Massachusetts, the Balanced Scorecard is a performance management tool which focuses on the strategic agenda of a company based on measuring actual performance. It helps choose what’s important to measure, establishes benchmarks for those data and, crucially, points the way to making effective corrective or enhancing interventions.

Asking the right questions

“The Balanced Scorecard combines key financial and non-financial performance indicators for the company, allowing the management team to identify problem areas, ask the right questions, implement actions to resolve issues, and thus contribute to better performance,” says Amoah. “The tool aims to go beyond technical issues, to strike right at the heart of Air Liquide’s core concern: the customer.”
“The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) included the number of customer visits, and the results of the Net Promoter Score (an indicator of customer satisfaction), keeping a keen eye on how products and services are received by our customers. Having a snapshot of how different activities perform and how they contribute to the strategic company objectives is invaluable. It also helps to determine the level of focus, review, and urgency to be given to certain activities.”
“It’s important to determine, measure and monitor how well activities contribute to achieving strategic objectives so that you can take the appropriate action in response,” is the message Amoah now brings to the business. 

Perfect grounding

The ALLEX program leaves a positive and indelible personal mark on every individual fortunate enough to be a part of it, as they take those first steps along the career path.
“It’s been a great opportunity to gain new skills, both business and personal, and to better understand different cultures as well as different parts of the business,” reflects Amoah on his ALLEX experience.
“It’s an invaluable basis for any future managerial role that could come along. Meeting the challenge of working in different environments, with an international aspect, is the perfect grounding for what’s to come.”

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