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Can you envisage a career at Air Liquide?
Behind the scenes
13 April 2018

Can you envisage a career at Air Liquide but unsure which department is right for you to develop? Air Liquide’s ALLEX programme is certainly something for you! ALLEX offers you the flexibility to discover all of your career potential and opportunities.

ALLEX stands for Air Liquide Leading Excellence. The programme gives you the opportunity to work in one of the many different European entities of the Air Liquide group.

I’m interested, tell me more

You will initially be working in the country where you were originally recruited. The starting positions are very diverse in nature.

They include operational, technical, commercial and many other activities. You will have the opportunity to perform this function throughout the ALLEX programme which runs for two years. During these two years you will get the opportunity to work on a number of three month projects, each time in a different department and in a different country.

This will give you a clear insight into the wide range of possibilities within the group. This will enable you to choose which direction you want to take with your career. You will also take part in an introduction – we call it onboarding – with the other ALLEX candidates from the different European countries.

During these three days you will get a better picture of the group through visits and workshops and can get acquainted with your ALLEX colleagues.

The ALLEX programme

Creative Oxygen is our motto

Our group welcomes young talent from all over Europe. ALLEX will enable you to introduce new working methods – far away from the well-trodden paths – and help you clear the way for innovative ideas.

An international experience in an innovative company

Air Liquide is a world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and healthcare. The group is active in 80 countries, employs 67,000 people and serves more than 3,000,000 customers and patients.

Innovation is one of the main pillars of our group strategy. We strengthen our competitive position by constantly innovating and entering new markets; thus enabling our group to grow and contribute to a better environment. That is precisely why we need you!

We are counting on your creativity, open mind and entrepreneurial spirit, that is the foundation of our innovative approach.

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