[VIDEO] “One of the strongest points of the ALLEX programme is that it pushes you to step outside your comfort zone”

The Air Liquide Leading Excellence Programme
Behind the scenes
15 June 2018

Renee Schellekens – Sales Representative for the food and pharmaceutical sector at Air Liquide in the Netherlands – started working for the company a year ago as part of the ALLEX programme.

ALLEX stands for Air Liquide Leading Excellence, a programme to enable young graduates with a Master’s degree to work in various European entities of the group. Among other things, the programme helps to determine which career opportunities are best suited to individuals capabilities and wishes.

Gain a better understanding of your own capacities

“One of the strongest points of the ALLEX programme is that it encourages you to step outside your comfort zone,” explains Renee Schellekens.

“This considerably speeds up your learning experience with the result that you also develop yourself on a personal level. And because you get the chance to gain experience within Air Liquide’s various entities, you get to know the company from within. It also broadens your understanding, because you have to work together with different cultures. All in all, the ALLEX programme ensures that you get a clear view of your own capacities and capabilities. You also build up a wide network in a short space of time.”



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A working day as a Sales Representative

“As a Sales Representative, I’m responsible on one hand for managing the current customer portfolio. On the other, I’m also looking for new opportunities in the market to further expand that portfolio. In order to do this in a strategically efficient manner, I need to be well informed about developments and innovations within Air Liquide as well as external market developments.”

“In practice, every working day looks different, although visiting customers and prospects always remains the primary focus. In addition, I work out solutions and quotations and explore market trends so that I can respond better to the wishes and needs of our customers. And since I’m free to choose my workplace, I alternate between working in the office and working at home.”

The best mindset to succeed at Air Liquide

“A proactive attitude is highly appreciated within Air Liquide as is taking responsibility. You also need to have a broad range of interests, because the company is in constant flux and new products and systems are continually being developed.”

“During the ALLEX programme – but also beyond it – it is essential to be flexible and open minded, especially in regard to how effectively you handle your international projects.”

Life after ALLEX

“By the time I finish the ALLEX programme, I’ll have a clear picture of my strengths as a professional and the opportunities and challenges that await me. In any case, the programme is a springboard for the next step in my career at Air Liquide. I’m firmly convinced of that.”

Feel like joining us in our project?

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Feel like joining us in our project?

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