“It makes the site work and set up so much quicker and safer.”ARCAL™ the brilliant choice

In-Spec Manufacturing Ltd choose ARCAL™ range of gases
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23 June 2020

In-Spec Manufacturing Ltd is a provider of high quality steel fabrication, welding & marine services based in Middlesbrough. Thanks to their expertise and wide-range of skills they adapt themselves to varying projects in terms of complexity & size within a variety of sectors: Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Renewable energy & Marine services.

For Lee Wild, Director at In-Spec Manufacturing Ltd, turning to ARCAL™products for their welding gases was a good opportunity. “Since we have switched over from the standard 50 litre, 230 bar gas cylinders to the 33 litre 300 bar ARCAL™ cylinders with the built in regulators supplied by Energas, an Air Liquide Company, I’ve noticed a significant cost saving on regulators as we currently have 14 welding machines on the go. says Lee Wild.

The quality assurance the ARCAL™ gas range gives to customers was very important to In-Spec Manufacturing Ltd due to their focus on high quality and compliance.

Quicker & Safer

This choice of ARCAL™ range of cylinders.was also great for In Spec Manufacturing Ltd as it allowed them in achieving improvements for their welding operations.
“The snap on connector and built in regulators are so user friendly, saving on production time. Also the ease of transporting the smaller cylinders to and from the gas store is much easier and safer for the welders/platers. We also use the ARCAL™ cylinders on a lot of site works, currently on the River Ouse Bridge where we have to man handle the cylinders to the desired locations.” commented Lee.

“The weight, size difference, portability and stability of the ARCAL™ 33 litre 300 bar cylinders versus the previously used lower pressure 50 litre cylinders makes the site work and set up so much quicker and safer.”
ARCAL™ range of gases

We supply the ARCAL™ range of gases, giving customers access to a globally recognised high quality range of welding gases delivered with an excellent local standards of service and reliability.

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