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8 May 2019

Being in business often feels like you’re involved in a constant plate-spinning circus act in which, when just one plate falls, the whole enterprise risks falling apart. If only some of the plate-spinning could be completely handled by someone else…

So, a responsive specialist service partner, who completely understands the pressures you’re working under and just gets on with doing their part of the job, efficiently, professionally and on-time, can be a life-saver. And that’s exactly what Air Liquide is doing every day in the field of engine emissions testing.

Real world testing

Since the ‘defeat device’ scandal which caught out more than one car-maker in 2015, authorities have been revisiting the flawed testing process. Instead of the traditional rolling-road workshop-based testing, new legislation focuses on real world testing on all types of road, whether urban, rural or motorway. Reproducing a testing regime which mimics reality means fitting a Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) to the vehicle to be tested.

Emissions are monitored while the vehicle is actually moving, and for complete accuracy, specialist gases are crucial for calibrating the highly-sensitive instruments. Testing is tightly scheduled, and often only narrow windows for getting it done are set aside. Getting gases to the right location at the right time is key, and it’s what Air Liquide does best.

“… a vital part of our testing regime”

The Jaguar Land Rover PEMS test team knows the value of Air Liquide’s service, and their spokesperson attests to how crucial to their operations it is: “Our test equipment requires a very specific concentration of gases and without these gases, we would not be able to run accurate tests.  So having these gases available with the right quality in the testing location is a vital part of our testing regime.”

Testing takes place in many different countries and Air Liquide, using trusted specialist couriers, sends gases to locations, such as Austria for winter testing and Spain for summer conditions. The Air Liquide advantage is that customers can rely on them to keep their testing programmes on track by moving the cylinders internationally, precisely where and when needed, taking care of all the cross-border hassle and paperwork along the way.

Right place, on time, every time

Customers do the testing and Air Liquide uses its expertise to get the gases to the right place, on time, every time, making sure that the customer is never left with their expert engineers standing around waiting for them. 

Air Liquide’s experienced logistics team understands the ADR / IMO transport regulations and can navigate their way through any variations in legislation between countries.  Its PEMS gases are certified to meet Euro 6D, Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) and US EPA 1065 specifications. Once testing is over, the company ships the PEMS gases back to the customer’s UK depot ready for the next testing programme.


The task of getting personnel and vehicles to test locations is challenging enough and, for Jaguar Land Rover, the advantage of the Air Liquide approach is clear: “Their support is invaluable in allowing our testers to conduct the PEMS testing without worrying about delivery and collection of the cylinders.”

Getting high-quality specialist gases to the right place at the right time is as much a balancing act as plate-spinning, and Air Liquide has it down to a fine art.

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