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A structured approach to working safely everyday
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10 October 2019

Safety is a foundational component of Air Liquide and at the core of their activities. This is why Air Liquide bring customers along with them during the safety walk.

Working Safely Everyday

Air Liquide’s customers are working in a diverse range of industries, from automotive to Labs or Research centers, their only common point is that they need to work with gas in a clean and safe environment for their operations.

The safety walk is just that, a structured methodical walk around a site that is aided and prompted by a series of questions.  It is split into 3 basic sections:

Preliminary review of procedures and safety related documentation (including training)
How are the gases being received, stored, moved around site and used
The use of gas related equipment

The questions cover all aspects of safety from British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) guidelines to point of use, from pressure regulators to manual handling1. Where no issues are observed the safety walk helps to focus on maintaining best practice and operating safely.  Where something is observed will help highlight the concern and enable the situation to be amended.

A proactive approach

The safety walk is not just a snapshot and forget but rather a more structured approach to working safely everyday. It will help frame on how to handle  gases and equipment. It is mostly an added value to any operation. 

“This walk around to review our gas store has been helpful” says Rachel Wheat, Purchasing Coordinator at Perkins, Caterpillar UK | GED during the recent safety walk at one of Air Liquide customer’s sites Perkins Engine in Stafford.
“It flagged up some gas separation issues and the need to order a guard for the bottom of the gas store - to stop leaves and debris being blown into the gas store. Like a brush effect bottom.” 

Customers have seen the benefits of the safety walk by making improvements, both large and small, to their sites and by seeing how a proactive approach can help engage their employees.

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BCGA, British Compressed Gases Association