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Alphagaz™ pure specialty gases with guaranteed low impurities for any analytical application.
Research & Analysis
4 May 2018

Choosing the right pure gas product for a laboratory instrument or application can be confusing. Air Liquide has simplified gas selection by reducing the variety of available gas grades down to two levels of purity: AlphagazTM 1 and AlphagazTM 2.

Shimadzu UK Ltd – the UK subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation (Kyoto, Japan), providing a broad range of analytical instruments indispensable for research, development and quality control in a variety of fields – opted for Air Liquide’s AlphagazTM 1 range.

Shimadzu’s offerings include sophisticated instruments such as chromatographs, spectrometers, and elemental and surface analysis systems. They also provide a broad range of high-precision physical testing and measuring technology that is essential for product development and quality assurance.

Improved peak-to-noise ratio

To ensure that the measurements of these sophisticated devices are reliable and consistent, it is vital to use them with repeatable high purity gases. For that reason, Shimadzu decided to start using the AlphagazTM 1 range of laboratory gases. Compared with the gases delivered by the previous supplier, the AlphagazTM 1 gases resulted in a better peak-to-noise ratio performance.

Superior tuning potential

The AlphagazTM 1 helium and nitrogen gases were trialled for one month on a Shimadzu QP2010SE Single Quad Mass Spectrometer, with the performance monitored and compared. The excellent results prove that the AlphagazTM 1 range provides the right quality of gas at the right price and is totally fit for purpose.

According to Ian Parry – GC/GCMS Business Manager at Shimadzu – “the AlphagazTM 1 helium showed excellent baseline noise on real life samples”. Furthermore, Ian Parry states that “the AlphagazTM 1 helium showed superior tuning potential, with less unexpected fragmentation than with the gases we had previously used.”

Quality assured

Through its exclusive AlphagazTM products for research and analysis, Air Liquide combines simplicity with:

  • Guaranteed low impurity levels to protect instrument sensitivity and ensure contamination-free performance
  • Cylinder-to-cylinder consistency with batch number and traceable analytics to increase performance reliability
  • All-around functionality minimizes cylinder inventory by eliminating the need for supplemental pure gases

AlphagazTM 1: Accurate analysis from % to ppm

Guaranteed low impurity levels eliminate the guesswork when choosing which grade of pure gas is correct for your application, i.e., carrier, purge and zero gases. This makes AlphagazTM 1 a cost-effective choice for just about any laboratory, analytic, process control and scientific research application.

AlphagazTM 2: Even higher accuracy from ppm to ppb

Ultra-high purity instrumentation AlphagazTM 2 gases are designed for the most critical laboratory, analytic and process control applications. These include scientific research, calibration and testing laboratories, petrochemicals for both laboratory and process control, secondary electronics and optoelectronics in which guaranteed low impurity levels are essential.


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