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SMARTOP, an innovative, compact control system for gas cylinders
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3 April 2018

Gas Cylinders play an important role in delivering high purity instrument gases into the laboratory. The handling and use of gas cylinders is, however, a distraction from traditional laboratory duties. Managing gases can take time in order to know a cylinder contents when not connected and to isolate the supply when the work day ends or in an emergency.

With SMARTOPTM, Air Liquide is changing all of that. It is a smart and compact control system for gas cylinders, combining several innovations for greater user safety and ergonomics in your laboratory. In addition, Alphagaz purity assures the consistency and reliability of the measurement results.


Open or closed? Now you can see straight away

Instead of a classic screw closure valve, SMARTOPTM uses a control lever. In case of an emergency, the gas supply can be shut off with a single quick movement. Equally important, you can see from a distance whether the gas cylinder is open or closed.  And to reduce waste, all gas cylinders can be quickly isolated at the end of each day with one flip of the lever if the instrumentation does not require a constant purge.

Full or empty? No unpleasant surprises

The SMARTOPTM control system has a built-in gas pressure gauge that permanently displays the remaining gas volume in the cylinder. This enables you to continuously monitor the contents of the gas cylinder and prevents the gas supply from being unexpectedly exhausted. 

And when the cylinders are returned to the store, the full and empty cylinders can be very easily segregated by looking at the contents gauge.No more stiff hand-wheels or cylinder valve spanners

Opening and closing the SMARTOPTM valve is done with a single movement of the control lever. The SMARTOPTM not only protects all parts of the gas bottles, it also makes it easier to move the bottle through the innovative disc on the top. Handy, ergonomic and fast.

Pure gas. Always.

The built-in non-return valve ensures that ambient air cannot flow back into the gas cylinder when the contents are emptied. In this way the purity of the gas is guaranteed, an important element associated with the Alphagaz brand, dedicated for laboratory applications.

SMARTOPTM  - all the benefits at a glance

  • Innovative protective valve guard

The strong, innovative  prevents damage to the valve critical parts and allows the gas cylinder to be moved safely and ergonomically.

  • Fast action control lever

The control lever improves laboratory safety by allowing the gas supply to be closed in a single movement. Thanks to the integrated flow limiter, excess flow will be restricted if a supply equipment hose fails or the valve is opened inadvertently.

  • Easy connection

The SMARTOPTM system from Air Liquide can be used in combination with all standard pressure regulators without any additional modifications.

  • Built-in pressure gauge

The built-in pressure gauge permanently displays the remaining gas volume, even when the gas supply is shut off. This gives you a clear picture of the gas reserves and avoids surprises.


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