Choose the right Food Grade Gas CO2 for your craft brewery

Quality gas is vital for craft brewery
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27 November 2019

Food Grade CO2 is a core ingredient of the craft brewery, affecting the flavour and the body of the beer. This is why the quality of the gas you use, including Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide is vital and here we give some advice on what craft brewers

Craft beer consumption continues to rise and consumers are looking for quality and taste above everything.

According to DSM Food Specialties, a leading global supplier of specialty food, in a recent survey beer drinkers value highly the way the beer has been produced and pay more attention about its provenance and sustainability production. The craft revolution for craft brewer is all about sustainability, quality and efficiency.

Right choice of equipment & gas

For any brewer, the right choice of equipment and gas has a considerable effect not only on quality but production efficiency as well.

The use of Food Grade Gas when brewing is required by law to ensure the ingredients quality is of high standard and the consumer health and safety is considered. Gases used in Craft Brewing are Food Grade Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and supply can be from on site tanks, to banks or single cylinders.


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Our team of experts within Air Liquide UK can provide you with advice on all elements of gas supply for the brewing, carbonation, sparging, kegging, bottling and canning process.

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