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9 March 2020
The brewing landscape has inescapably changed in recent times and continues to do so. Quality and taste remain paramount to drinkers but the industry is increasingly looking for innovations to reduce the environmental impact of their processes.  
27 November 2019
Food Grade CO2 is a core ingredient of the craft brewery, affecting the flavour and the body of the beer. This is why the quality of the gas you use, including Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide is vital and here we give some advice on what craft brewers
3 July 2019
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) has a considerable role to play in reducing food waste however the environmental implications of packaging also need to be considered by food producers and consumers.
17 June 2019
The food waste challenge is now being driven by a wide range of actors: food & beverage producers, packaging companies, transport companies, retailers, consumers and governments. The collaboration of everyone is vital to address the environmental issues successfully.
3 June 2019
Almost 1.2 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year, costing almost a trillion dollars around the world, two thirds of which is down to industrialized countries, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. That’s almost 30% of food being discarded annually, in the UK £20bn worth of food is wasted annually and the average family throws away food worth £810 ever year.
8 October 2018
Flexitarism has already had a notable impact on UK food producers and retailers. Whilst under 4% of the UK population are Vegetarian there has been considerable growth in the number of consumers looking to reduce their meat consumption; with sustainability often being cited as a key reason for changing habits. The indications are this shift in consumer habits is one that will continue to grow in the coming years.